Clinical efficiency of DiaDerm product group, Russian Medical Academy

Conducted by: Department of Dermatovenerology and Clinical Mycology, Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Moscow.

Purpose of the research: evaluation of the efficiency of DiaDerm product group on patients with diabetes.

Selected individuals: 60 diabetes (type 2) patients between the ages of 50 and 79. 24 male and 36 female subjects.

First group (20 subjects) applied DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream.

Second group (20 subjects) applied DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream.

Third group (20 subjects) applied DiaDerm Regenerative Foot Cream.

Control group (22 subjects) consisted of 22 healthy subjects with the same age and sex distribution as in the main group.

Control group (30 subjects) consisted of patients with diabetes (type 2) and was used to evaluate efficiency of DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream.

Materials and Methods used during the research:

  1. Clinical: anamnestic data, examination (visual examination of feet skin condition, intensity of hyperkeratosis, existence of cracks)
  2. Instrumental:

2.1 Measurement of functional skin indexes (humidity, elasticity, pH)

2.1.1 Skin humidity (electrical conductivity) measurement was performed according to Corneometry Method.

2.1.2 Sebum secretion measurement was performed according to Sebumetry Method.

2.2 Laser optical photometry. Skin reflectivity was measured in areas affected by photographic recoreders. Measurement of reflected signal from counterlateral areas of healthy skin was used as a control set.

  1. Laboratory:

3.1 Feet skin scrapings examination to detect fungal infections

3.2 Agar-well diffusion technique


  1. According to preliminary estimate DiaDerm product was pointed out to possess significant moisturizing and regenerating effects. It was clinically proved by significant improvement of skin status of patients with diabetes. Furthermore, application of DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream prevented mycotic infections of foot skin.
  2. Using DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream and DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream normalized functional skin indexes (humidity, oiliness, pH, Laser Photometry indexes) as it was proved by objective researches.

Therefore, regular usage of DiaDerm creams is a substantial procedure to prevent mycotic infections and diabetic foot ulcers of patients with diabetes.